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The British Livestock initiative

Britannic Rare Breeds is the only non profit organisation devoted to the preservation and promotion of every native farm livestock breed.

British Breeds for domestic needs

Our unique initiative is to encourage the utilisation of native breeds in sustainable farming and as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

British breeds for commercial needs

This website is a showcase for native breeds and freely provides opportunity to livestock keepers and producers to advertise their stock or produce to a growing market of consumers, smallholders and hobbyists.

Britannic Rare Breeds aim to promote all traditional native farmed livestock, in particular rare breeds and where possible make them easily obtainable.

Native breeds form a valuable part of our cultural heritage and their continued existence and genetic diversity is important to provide opportunities and options for both commercial and domestic circumstances in the future.
Rare breeds are rare because smallholders are rare, in truth we should all do our bit to grow our own and it is in this domestic, low intensity and small scale environment that so many traditional breeds flourish where a dependant commercial strain would not.

A great array of traditional breeds still exist and it is among this great diversity that you are likely to find a breed or variety ideally suited to your own environment, requirements and circumstances.

Featured Breed - Welsh Black cow

Black cattle are believed to have roamed Britain since Roman times and it is possible that Black cattle may also have been moved to the Welsh hills when early Britons retreated west to evade the Saxon invasion. The Welsh Black is an amalgamation of the North Wales also known as Anglesey and the South Wales aka, Pembroke or Castle Martin black cattle that were effectively two varieties of the same breed. The Welsh Black Cattle Society was formed in August 1904 to amalgamate these two Welsh breeds under the name Welsh Black.

Read more about the Welsh Black here

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