Modern Game - Chicken

Modern Game Details

Great Britain
Heavy, hard feather
Birchen, black, black-red, blue, blue-red, brown-red, gold duckwing, silver duckwing, lemon blue, pile, silver blue, wheaten, white.
Weight, cock
4.1 kg
Weight, hen
3.2 kg
Old English Game, Malay
A reliable broody.
Breed Club

Modern Game Club

Breed Ratings
Egg Laying
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Modern Game Description

The Modern Game was developed between 1849 when cock fighting was banned and the beginning of the twentieth century. Some cock breeders turned their attentions to exhibitions after the banning of cock fighting. The Old English Game/pit game is likely to have been crossed with the Malay to create desirable elegant birds for the show bench. What is now the Modern Game gradually evolved to be a taller, tighter feathered game breed and eventually the Modern Game became a distinctive breed. Both large fowl and bantam forms exist, the large fowl being notably rarer than the bantam. They are calm, docile and easily tamed and are not aggressive or vicious like their parent breeds. They have a long, slightly arched neck. The body is wide across the shoulders and tapers to a short tail with a short flat back.  A well balanced conformation is essential. Legs are long and should have a slight bend at the hock rather than being dead straight. The hind (fourth) toe should rest flat on the ground and must not be held lose to the foot (duck footed). The Comb is of the single type in all varieties. The comb, ear lobe, face and wattle colour can vary depending on the colour variety of the breed. Red and dark purple or Mulberry also known as Gypsy faced, are common.

Unfortunately, their long legs, conformation and the continued effects of inbreeding and breeding for exhibition means they do not make a durable free range breed for exposed sites, however they will cope in sheltered gardens and are ideally kept in a confined environment to maintain them in prime condition for exhibition.

Modern Game should be dubbed if they are to be exhibited.

Bantam weights:

Male: 570 – 620g (20 – 22oz)  Female: 450 – 510g (16 – 18oz) 

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