Aberdeen Angus - Cow

Aberdeen Angus, with horns

Aberdeen Angus Details

Beef, leather
Angus, plus refinement in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Polled, beef
All black
Predominantly black breeds from North Eastern Scotland, known locally as Doddies and Hummlies.
Breed Club

The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society

Aberdeen Angus Description

Black hornless cattle are known to have existed in North Eastern Scotland since the mid 16th century. These local cattle were used by breeders such as Hugh Watson of Keillor Farm in Angus from 1808 to create the foundation stock of the breed. From 1824 William Mc Combie of Tillyfour, Aberdeenshire was an important developer of the breed and Sir George Macpherson-Grant of Ballindalloch was largely responsible for the refinement of the breed from 1861.

The Aberdeen Angus is now widely used across the world and is one of Britains most prominent beef breeds.
The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society was formed in 1879.

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