British White - Cow

British White

British White Details

Beef, leather
Great Britain
Polled, beef
White body and face with black ears, muzzle, eyelids, teats and feet.
Breed Club

British White Cattle Society

British White Description

The British White is closely related to the original white cattle of Great Britain although being polled, is likely to have some Scandinavian influence. The majority of existing cattle are descended from a herd that was once held at Whalley Abbey, Lancashire, North East England around 1537. This herd was later dispersed in 1697 and relocated to Middleton Park, Lancashire and Gisburn Park, Yorkshire. Cattle from these herds were used to establish other herds in Norfolk such as the Woodbastwick herd that was founded in 1840.
British White cattle are predominantly white skinned and white haired but they do in some places exhibit dark pigment to the skin beneath the hair.

Mature cows weigh in at 500 - 700kgs 
Mature bulls weigh in at 800 - 1000kgs

The British White Cattle Society was formed in 1918

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