Chillingham Wild Cattle - Cow

Chillingham Wild Cattle Details

Beef, leather. Conservation grazing.
Have existed at Chillingham Park in North Northumberland, England, since the 13th century.
Long horned, ancient semi-feral breed.
White body with black spotting on neck and shoulders and red-brown ears.
Likely to be descended from ancient white cattle of Great Britain
Breed Club

Chillingham Wild Cattle Association

Chillingham Wild Cattle Description

Chillingham cattle are among the last remnants of the wild cattle that once roamed freely across Great Britain. Most remaining Chillingham cattle have roamed semi wild at the 365 acre Chillingham Park since at least 1645 when the cattle were first noted in written documents. They were in the care of the family of the Earls of Tankerville up to 1971 when the herd was bequeathed to the Chillingham Wild Cattle Association. At Chillingham Park the herd is allowed to roam freely within its limits, the population and sex ratio being naturally governed. Due to centuries without outside influence and with short periods in their history where numbers have dropped to dire levels, the breed has become highly inbred.

Chillingham cattle are a small breed.

The Chillingham Wild Cattle Association was formed in 1939.

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