Guernsey - Cow

Guernsey cow and calf. Courtesy of the English Guernsey Cattle Society.

Guernsey Details

Dairy, leather
Guernsey and the Channel Islands of Alderney, Sark and Herm.
Horned, dairy
White and pale red.
The Guernsey could have been selected from the Froment du Léon, Isigny and Normandy Brindle breeds that existed along the west coast of France and may have been imported on to the island of Guernsey.
Breed Club

English Guernsey Cattle Society

Guernsey Description

The Guernsey, like the Jersey is an important dairy breed.
Guernsey’s have amber horns and hoofs, both are tipped with black. The forehead is often marked with a white patch.

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