Hereford - Cow

Modern Hereford Bull

Hereford Details

Beef, leather
Herefordshire, England
Polled, beef. Traditional Herefords have horns in both sexes.
Red to deep red with a white shoulder stripe and white belly, tail switch, brisket, legs and face.
Breed Club

The Traditional Hereford Cattle Breeders Club.             

Hereford Description

The Hereford is a world renowned beef breed, respected for its docile, hardy nature and its characteristic white face. Benjamin Tomkins was an early improver of the Hereford between 1748 and 1815. Selection by in-breeding fixed the desirable red colour with a white face and this variety quickly became the most popular during the 19th century.

The coat is thick, soft and curly, horns should protrude from the side at the top of the head and droop slightly. Currently Herefords can be found in two forms. The Hereford has been exported all over the world and they are keenly bred in many countries. Being bred in many countries has meant that variations have occurred due to selection to meet local demand. When some of these modified Hereford have been imported back to the UK it has had the effect of altering the type of many Hereford cattle. Fortunately, some Hereford cattle have retained their true original type and have avoided such reintroductions. These are now known as Traditional Herefords, they contain no imported bloodlines. Traditional Herefords should be horned, whereas common Herefords can be either polled or horned.

The first Hereford herd book was founded in 1846.
The Hereford cattle society was formed in 1878.

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