Highland - Cow

Highland cow with calf

Highland Details

Beef, leather. Conservation grazing.
Western Scotland
Long horned, beef
Black, brindled, red, yellow or dun.
Breed Club

Highland Cattle Society

Highland Description

Also known as West Highland and Kyloe

Herds of Highland cattle are known as folds. They are a hardy breed with long wavy hair suited to the harsh Scottish climate. By evolving in harsh environments they are self reliant and do not require housing over winter. During the early 19th century they were primarily a black breed but are now more commonly seen in a mixture of single colours. The horns of Highland bulls are long and set level with the top of the head, they often sweep forward and upwards. Horns of cows are somewhat shorter and rise sooner. There are different opinions as to how the horns should be set, but horns that sweep forward in bulls make for a more masculine appearance and horns that sweep up or even slightly back make for a more graceful look for cows. The hair is long, very profuse and gracefully waved but not curled. 

The Highland Cattle Society of Scotland was formed in 1884.

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