Jersey - Cow


Jersey Details

Dairy, leather
Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain
Horned, dairy
Light brown although this can vary from almost grey to dull black, which is known as Mulberry. Sometimes white patches may cover much of the animal. Jerseys have a black nose bordered by a near white muzzle.
The Jersey could have been selected from the Froment du Léon and Normandy Brindle breeds that existed along the west coast of France.
Breed Club

Jersey Cattle Society of the United Kingdom>

Jersey Description

Jersey cattle come from the island of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. They remain one of the most common and recognisable dairy breeds in the world. They were first imported into England in 1789 and were known at the time as Alderneys. The name probably came from the boats known as Alderney Packets that transported the cows to England.

The English Jersey cattle society was incorporated in 1878. 

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