Lincoln Red - Cow

Lincoln Red cow

Lincoln Red Details

Beef, leather. Conservation grazing.
Polled, dual purpose
Cherry-red Durham, York Shorthorn and local draught cattle, later Aberdeen Angus to achieve polling.
Breed Club

Lincoln Red Cattle Society

Lincoln Red Description

Originally known as the Lincolnshire Red Shorthorn, the breed was primarily a dual-purpose one but since the mid 20th century has been refined into a specialist beef breed. The Lincoln Red was created during the late 18th century by crossing, selection and refinement of Cherry-red Durham and Yorkshire Shorthorn with local draught cattle of Lincolnshire. Mr Thomas Turnell of Wragby is credited with the early creation of the breed. From 1939 the Lincoln red Shorthorn was selected to be a Polled breed and in 1960 the word Shorthorn was removed from the name. The polling took 17 years and was achieved by Eric Pentecoat of Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire. He used red and black Aberdeen Angus bulls with some of his Lincoln Red Shorthorn herd and crossed the resulting polled heifer progeny back to horned Lincoln Red bulls for five generations to achieve natural polling.

The Lincoln Red Shorthorn Association was formed in 1895 and later became known as the Lincoln Red Cattle Society in 1960.

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