Longhorn - Cow

Longhorn Bull, 'Blackbrook Lionheart'. Courtesy of Anthony Moseley

Longhorn Details

Beef, leather. Draught cattle.
Ancient widespread British breed perhaps descended from Roman imports.
Long horned, dual purpose
Red brindles or rich red with a white line along the centre of the back and a white patch on each thigh. Horns should be free from black.
Breed Club

Longhorn Cattle Society

Longhorn Description

The Longhorn is likely to descend from early Roman importations and has been traditionally used as a Yoke Oxen whereby Yoke means a pair of oxen. They were used to pull agricultural equipment such as ploughs and other loads. The oxen are held together with a band around each neck and a wooden beam held across their shoulders and attached to the load.
In 1750 Robert Bakewell of Dishley, Leicestershire commenced improvement of the breed.

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