Luing - Cow

Luing bull. Courtesy of Neil McGowan, Dirnanean

Luing Details

Beef, leather
Island of Luing, Argyll & Bute, Scotland
Horned, beef
Solid reds, roans or yellows
Beef Shorthorn, Highland
Breed Club

Luing Cattle Society

Luing Description

Pronounced ‘Ling’ (silent ‘U’)
The Luing was created by the Cadzow brothers on the island of Luing in the county of Argyll off the West Coast of Scotland.
In 1947 Beef Shorthorn were crossed with Highland cattle. The best heifers from this cross were mated to a Beef Shorthorn bull called Cruggleton Alastair. The offspring were line-bred and in-bred until the desired type was fixed and bred true.

The Luing was recognised as a new breed in 1965.

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