Northern Dairy Shorthorn - Cow

Roan Northern Dairy Shorthorn cow

Northern Dairy Shorthorn Details

Dairy, leather
Durham, England
Shorthorn, dairy
White, red, or white with various shades of roan or red.
The Teeswater and Durham breeds
Breed Club

The Shorthorn Society of United Kingdom & Ireland

Northern Dairy Shorthorn Description

The rarest British cattle breed, As of January 2013, there are currently 25, 100% pure females. 39 animals of 90-99% NDS with some dairy shorthorn introgression and 17 animals of 75-90% NDS with the remaining % being dairy Shorthorn introgression.

The Northern Dairy Shorthorn has a separate section in the Coates Herd book of the Dairy Shorthorn breed.The Shorthorn Society of United Kingdom & Ireland was formed in 1944.



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