Red Poll - Cow

Red Poll cow

Red Poll Details

Beef, some strains have productive dairying ability. Leather
Norfolk and Suffolk, England
Polled, dual-purpose
Deep red, white on the udder or a white or silver-haired tip to the tail are acceptable.
Norfolk Red and Suffolk Dun
Breed Club

Red Poll Cattle Society

Red Poll Description

The Red Poll was created in East Anglia in the 1870’s by the crossing of Norfolk Red beef cattle and Suffolk Dun dairy cattle.

Mature cows weigh in at 500 - 600kgs
Mature bulls weigh in at 900 - 1000kgs

Cattle are naturally polled and must not have slugs or abortive horns. The nose is flesh coloured, any markings on the nose are objectionable.

The Red Poll Cattle Society was formed in 1888

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