Shetland - Cow

Shetland cow

Shetland Details

Beef, dairy, leather. Conservation grazing.
Shetland Islands, Scotland
Horned, dual-purpose
Black, black and white or dun
Probably descended from cattle brought to the islands by the Vikings from 700- 1100AD
Breed Club

Shetland Cattle Breeders Association

Shetland Description

The original strongholds of Shetland cattle on the Shetland Isles are Walls, Northmavine, Nesting and Fair Isle. Shetlands are a traditional multi-purpose house cow suited to smallholders that require only a couple of cows for their own use. They are a small breed and were originally utilised for milk, butter and beef and as draught cattle. The Shetland is ideal for low maintenance rearing and suited to poor grazing.

Herd book formed in 1911.
The Shetland Cattle Breeders Association was formed in 2000.

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