Vaynol - Cow

Vaynol cow

Vaynol Details

Beef. Leather. A breed displayed at a rare breed park for conservation purposes.
Currently mainly residing at Vaynol Park, near to the Menai Straights Suspension Bridge opposite Anglesey Island, North Wales
Horned, poor production of milk and meat.
All black or white with black ears and muzzle, eyelids, feet and teats.
Ancient wild Cattle of mainland Great Britain. A White Park bull was used once in the 1980s to limit the effects of inbreeding.

Vaynol Description

The Vaynol had been kept at Vaynol Park as a semi-feral herd since 1872. The herd was moved in 1980 and since 1989 has been primarily residing at Temple Newsam Estate, Leeds, West Yorkshire.
Like the White Park and Chillingham Cattle, the Vaynol is a remnant of the ancient white cattle that once roamed Great Britain. 

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