Welsh Black - Cow

Welsh Black Bull 'Einon Gwenno'. Cortesy of the Welsh Black Cattle Society

Welsh Black Details

Beef, leather.
Horned, dual-purpose
All black
Castle Martin and Anglesey breeds.
Breed Club

The Welsh Black Cattle Society 


Welsh Black Description

Black cattle are believed to have roamed Britain since Roman times and it is possible that Black cattle may also have been moved to the Welsh hills when early Britons retreated west to evade the Saxon invasion. The Welsh Black is an amalgamation of the North Wales also known as Anglesey and the South Wales aka, Pembroke or Castle Martin black cattle that were effectively two varieties of the same breed. The Welsh Black Cattle Society was formed in August 1904 to amalgamate these two Welsh breeds under the name Welsh Black.

The winter coat is thick, soft of medium length and may have a brown tinge. Horns are nearly level and turn up at the tips.

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