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White Park Bull

White Park Details

Beef, leather. Conservation grazing.
Ancient breed, widespread across Great Britain
Horned, Traditionally a dual purpose breed, now specifically used for beef.
White with coloured points including ears, eyelids, muzzle, feet and teats. Points are usually black. All black animals occur but rarely among the offspring and are not yet accepted by the White Park cattle society.
Descended from the original wild cattle of Great Britain, the exact parentage is unknown.
Breed Club

The White Park Cattle Society Ltd

White Park Description

Also known as White Forest, Wild White and White Horned.

The White Park is believed to be the oldest cattle breed of Great Britain. Since the 13th Century White Park cattle or ancient white cattle of Great Britain have been held at different parks across Great Britain and maintained in a semi feral state. In time these isolated herds have developed into independent breeds such as the Chillingham Cattle and Vaynol. Although similarly coloured the White Park is not related to the British White.

Oddly the breed occasionally throws entirely black cattle that have a very sleek coat. These cattle were previously culled as a matter of course. Curiously, effort is now being made by some to save these black specimens to establish a black variant. Whether they are indicative of ancient black cattle being bred into the original white cattle of Great Britain or indicative of some other more recent impurity is uncertain.

White park cattle are predominantly white skinned and white haired but they do in some places exhibit dark pigment to the skin beneath the hair. A splash of black spots can be seen above the hoof on the front of all four legs. Horns grow out level to the top of the head and incline forward and curve upwards.

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