Abacot Ranger - Duck

Abacot Ranger drake

Abacot Ranger Details

Eggs, agroforestry
Great Britain
Light weight
Silver (Harlequin)
Weight, drake
2.7 kg
Weight, duck
2.5 kg

Abacot Ranger Description

To start it may be prudent to describe what abacot means. It is believed to be a coruption of Abbotts Cottages Where Mr Oscar Grey the originator of the breed lived. However the term Abacot was also a common mis-spelling of bycoket, an ancient word used to describe an ancient cap of state worn by past kings of England. The word may have been used rather than the term Hooded Ranger which the breed was initially briefly named to describe the fawn coloured head of Abacot ducks and dark brown of drakes. The Abacot Ranger,  known in the past as simply hooded ranger was created by Mr Oscar Gray between 1917 and 1923 by initially crossing a white Indian Runner drake with white 'sports' thrown from khaki Campbell’s.

The Abacot Ranger never found much popularity in Great Britain as is the case today, but in the early years following their creation they become popular in Germany. Although derived from Campbell ducks the Abacot Ranger is larger and stockier. The colouring is similar to the Welsh Harlequin but the ducks have a fawn-buff head and must not have pale eye stripes.  

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