Campbell - Duck

Dark campbell drake

Campbell Details

Eggs, Exhibition, agroforestry
Uley, Gloucestershire, England
Light weight, laying breed
Khaki, white, dark
Pearly white
Weight, drake
2.5 kg
Weight, duck
2.25 kg

Campbell Description

The Khaki Campbell was developed from fawn and white Indian Runners crossed with Rouen. The resultant offspring were crossed with the wild Mallard to maintain hardiness and size. The breed was developed by a Mrs Adele Campbell of Uley, Gloucestershire during the late 1800’s the breed came into existence in 1901. The Campbell was created and selected purely for its commercial egg laying ability and rapidly became recognised as the most prolific layer of all duck breeds. Some specimens comfortably laying one egg a day for an entire year and most capable of 250 to 300 eggs a year. The Dark Campbell is a sex-linked version created by Mr H R S Humphreys’ of Devon. The much less common White Campbell was developed from a sport of the Khaki. Unfortunately, even during the early years it is likely the white was hybridised with other white breeds such as the Aylesbury to create a table bird. The crossings defeated the object of the white Campbell as it was intended to be purely a laying variety. Dark and White varieties still exist but are very rarely seen.

Khaki Campbell have an active, semi-erect carriage with a slender, medium length and almost erect neck. The bill is in proportion with the head and the upper mandible lines up straight with the top of the head.

Drakes:            The bill is a dark green. Legs and feet are orange. The head, neck, rump and speculum (wing bar) are bronze and the remaining feathering is an even shade of warm khaki.

Ducks:             The bill is a green-black and legs and feet are the same colour as the body. The body colour is Khaki all over with an even ground colour. Some lighter khaki shading can be seen on the back and wings. There should be no pale striping around the eye or cheek.

The White Campbell has the same carriage as the Khaki. The differences are in colour. White Campbell’s have an orange bill, legs, feet, grey-blue eyes and pure white plumage throughout.

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