Magpie - Duck

Magpie duck

Magpie Details

Eggs, meat, exhibition, agroforestry
Light weight
Black and white, blue and white, dun and white.
Green, blue
Weight, drake
3.2 kg
Weight, duck
2.7 kg

Magpie Description

The Magpie was created during the early 20th century by a Mr Oliver Drake and Mr M.C. Gower-Williams of Wales. The breed is likely to have Indian Runner in its ancestry and possibly the Huttegem duck from Belgium. The magpie is a triple-purpose breed, useful for eggs, meat and for showing. The white feathered breast and under-body ensure a clean appearance when plucked for the table. An attractive feature of the Magpie is the variation in markings that can occur and the thrill of hatching out ducklings and hoping for that perfectly marked bird. The original colours were black and white, blue and white and dun and white, the black and white being the only colour commonly seen today. Day old ducklings are attractively marked and give an indication of how they will be marked at maturity. Meaning poorly marked birds can be disposed of early on. Adult birds should be predominantly white with black on the back from the shoulders to the tail and a separate black marking on the crown of the head. The junction where black finishes and meets white should be clean and sharply defined. The body is long and broad with a semi-erect carriage.

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