Bagot - Goat

Bagot billy

Bagot Details

Meat, conservation browsing, Use to control, tame or eradicate thorny shrubs and brambles or to consume unwanted wild tree saplings
Great Britain
Small to medium sized
Head and forequarters are black, sometimes with a white blaze on the head. The rear quarters are white.
Breed Club

The Bagot Goat Society

Bagot Description

The Bagot is an ancient breed believed to have existed prior to 1387. The first recorded Bagot goat was given in 1387 to Sir John Bagot from which the breed gets its name, of Blithfield Hall, Admaston, Staffordshire, England by King Richard II. For much of the time since the 14th century these goats have run semi wild around Bagots park, which is part of the wider Blithfield Hall estate. Bagot goats have since been distributed all across Great Britain from Welsh mountains to lowland farms and conservation centres.The Bagot is hardy with a nervous disposition and suited to a low maintenance diet. They are not milking goats but are often conserved by hobbyists and in larger estates for grazing and browsing. They thrive on browsing hedgerow and trees so should have plenty to browse on within their range to prevent escape unless they are regularly fed a conventional manufactured goat diet. Both males and females are horned, athletic and have and independant nature.

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