Golden Guernsey - Goat

Golden Guernsey billy

Golden Guernsey Details

Meat, conservation browsing, Use to control, tame or eradicate thorny shrubs and brambles or to consume unwanted wild tree saplings.
Guernsey, Channel Islands, Great Britain
All shades of gold sometimes with small white markings and/or a white blaze or star on the head. Skin colour is a shade of gold, not pink or grey.
Original ancestors likely to originate from France, Malta and Syria.
Breed Club

Golden Guernsey Goat Society

Golden Guernsey Description

The history of the Golden Guernsey is uncertain and its year of creation is unknown. Since 1937 Miss Miriam Milbourne had been hugely influential in recovering the Guernsey and breeding from the few remaining goats on the island. The first imports to England occurred in 1967 and since then they have become a common sight at farm parks and rare breed centres across the country. The British Guernsey is closely related to the Golden Guernsey and initially created by crossing a nanny of a different breed, usually of good milking ability and a billy of a Golden Guernsey. Each generation after the initial mating is crossed back with the Golden Guernsey until the resultant British Guernsey is 7/8th pure Golden Guernsey. The British Guernsey is similar in appearance to the Golden but larger framed with improved milk yields. The Golden Guernsey is notable more docile than the Bagot breed.

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