Dales - Horse

Dales Details

Small draught horse, today often used for riding and driving.
The Pennine range of North Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland
Riding or driving pony
Most common seen is black, occasionally brown, bay or grey. Roan is rarely seen. A white star and/or snip occur on the head and the fetlocks on the hind legs are white.
Scotch Galloway, native ponies of the dales, Norfolk Cob, Yorkshire Trotter.
Breed Club

Dales Pony Society

Dales Description

The dales are large ponies originally put to use on farms from 2 ½ years of age. As well as being used for farm work, their strength was utilised to pull small carts of Lead ore from the mines of Northern England.

Action: Clean, high, straight and true.

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