Eriskay - Horse

Eriskay Pony

Eriskay Details

Small draught horse, riding, conservation grazing
Western Isles of Scotland
Draught pony used by crofters.
Predominantly grey. Black or bay animals occasionally occur.
Breed Club

Eriskay Pony Society

Eriskay Description

The Eriskay is the last remaining pony breed from the Western Isles of Scotland. They would have been traditionally used by the crofters of the islands to transport goods, pull carts and for ploughing fields.  They have evolved to live in a harsh environment while being selected by the crofters to be useful on the croft and friendly and docile to handle. Due to the remote location of the island of Eriskay, the islands ponies avoided the introduction of other breeds so ensuring the survival of a pure Western Isles pony breed.
Eriskay Ponies are born black or bay and turn grey as they mature. Some animals will remain black or bay into adulthood.

Action: Smooth and free without exaggeration.

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