Hackney - Horse

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Riding, carting
Riding and driving horse and pony
All colours, Chestnut of varying shades or bay, brown with black legs.
The Hackney Horse, Arabian
Breed Club

Hackney Horse Society

Hackney Description

Horse and Pony

The original trotting horse of eastern England may have been descended from Dutch horses. Dams of mainly Middle Eastern breeding were crossed with Darley Arabian who arrived from the Middle East in1706. The Darley Arabian produced Flying Childes and Blaze.

Blaze was in turn bred to a mare described as a Hackney which may have been a local trotting horse. This mating bred Shales who was foaled around 1755. It is believed Shales also known as ‘the original Shales’, ‘Shields’ and ‘The Schale’s Horse’ was the founding horse of the modern Hackney breed.

The Hackney was since refined and utilised for carrying large weights at a fast enduring pace over as many as 20 miles.

The Hackney pony was created by Mr Wilson from Westmoreland late in the 19th century. He used Hackneys, Fell ponies and a Welsh pony cross. The pony has true pony character but the same action as the Hackney horse.

The Hackney Horse Society was formed in 1883.

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