New Forest Pony - Horse

New Forest stallion

New Forest Pony Details

Riding, conservation grazing
New Forest, Hampshire, England
Wild and domesticated riding pony
Any colour except piebald, skewbald, spotted or blue eyed cream
Native pony of uncertain parentage. Other breeds have been introduced, including possibly, Arab, Hackney, Thoroughbred, Welsh and native pony breeds such as Fells, Dales, Dartmoor’s, Exmoor’s and
Breed Club

New Forest Pony breeding and cattle society

New Forest Pony Description

The New Forest Pony has lived in its namesake since at least 1016 when rights of common pasture allowed local people to graze their animals within the forest. These rights still remain today. Many of today’s New Forest Ponies can still be seen roaming the heather clad moors and plantations of the New Forest. The semi-feral ponies are surprisingly very tame and can be approached without frightening them. Other horse and pony breeds have been introduced to some of the population to improve the breed at various times in their history.

Action: Free, active and straight but not exaggerated.

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