Shetland Pony - Horse

Shetland pony.

Shetland Pony Details

Traditionally a small draught pony
Shetland Islands, Scotland
Riding pony, originally a working and draught pony
Any colour except spotted
Ancient breed derived from cob type Tundra Mountain pony from Southern Europe and Celtic imports of Mountain pony x Oriental Horse.
Breed Club

The Shetland pony Stud-book society

Shetland Pony Description

The Shetland is the smallest British pony breed. Its small size was once utilised in the coal mines of Northern England as they were ideally suited to removing loads of coal from narrow seams. On the Shetland Islands they were used by crofters to cultivate the land, carry peat to the crofts and seaweed to the fields. For a small breed they are very strong and they have evolved in the harsh environment of the Shetland Isles to live on a meagre diet for much of the year.

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The Shetland pony Stud-book society was founded in 1889 and was the first pony breed to have a stud book.

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