British Lop - Pig

British Lop Details

Porker, cutter, baconer
Near Tavistock, Devon and Cornwall
Lop-eared, Long bodied, early maturing, dual-purpose and cutter
Possibly related to the Welsh breed. The British Landrace features in the breeds mid 20th century ancestry.
At least 14, although 12 are permitted in rare bloodlines.
Ben, Charles, Cornishman, Duke, General, Prince, Supreme
Actress, Excelsa, Gracious, Harmony, Lulu, Mary, Pride, Queen, Sunshine, Thatcher
Breed Club

British Lop Pig Society

British Lop Description

Also known as the National Long White Lop-Eared, Devon Lop, Cornish White, White lop and Lop white.
The British Lop has long been a hardy pig used by small farms in the South West of England and is regarded as one Great Britain’s largest pig breeds. The exact year or decade of creation is unknown. The body is long with a straight level back and straight belly, the ears are long and thin and incline forward over the face. The snout is medium length and tapered, the muzzle should not be upturned. The skin and straight silky hair are pure white with no grey markings or wrinkles.
The British Lop is now the rarest British pig breed and still predominantly found in the South West of England.
An independent society was formed in 1918, 1920/1921 (various dates given) at a time when it became necessity to register pigs.

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