British Saddleback - Pig

British Saddleback Details

Porker, cutter, baconer, exhibition. Scrub and bramble clearance
Ears carried forward not pricked or loped. Long bodied, early maturing.
Black with a white belt encircling the shoulders and the forelegs. The belt can be of varying width but must be unbroken. White hind feet (one or both), white nose and a white tip to the tail may also be seen.
The Wessex Saddleback and Essex pig
Carl, Consort, Dictator, Dominator, Earl Simon, General, Golden Arrow, Grand Duke, Guardsman, Prefect, Rajah, Stockbroker, Viscount, Walter.
Alvis, Babble, Bell, Belle, Biddy, Bountiful, Choice, Charm, Colleen, Dinah, Duchess, Edloma, Fidra, Gamma, Grand Duchess, Hilda, Ivy, Joyful, Lady, Lassie, Lottie, Lucy, Mary, Molly, Octavia, Red Rose, Rose, Shamrock, Silver Wings, Spot, Swift.
Breed Club

British Saddleback Breeders Club

British Saddleback Description

The British Saddleback was created by crossing the Wessex Saddleback and Essex, (See ‘Extinct’ page). The two breed societies had amalgamated in 1918 . The crossing was a way of making best use of breeds that were rapidly falling out of favour and crossing probably occured gradually after WW2. At a time when white pigs or crossings utilising white pigs were becoming preferred. Some Essex and Wessex Saddleback bloodlines are believed to have been maintained since without crossing. The herd books of the Wessex Saddleback and Essex were finally amalgamated in 1967. The pig is large with a straight underline and at least 12 teats. The ears are medium length and incline forward over the face that is only slightly dished.

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