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Large Black Sow

Large Black Details

Cutter, baconer.
Cornwall, Devon, Suffolk and Essex
Lop-eared, long bodied, early-maturing, dual-purpose
All Black
The now extinct old black pig breeds of Cornwall and Devon and the extinct Small Black pig breed.
At least 12 sound and evenly placed teats
Attempt, Defender, Majestic, Majestic Eagle, Malcolm, Super.
Bess, Black Lady, Blackie, Constance, Diana, Doreen, Dorothy, Fashion, Flame, Gold Vase, Golden Harvest, Grandeur, Jewel, Julia, Larkspur, Maid, Matilda, Nocturne, Princess, Queen, Skylark, Sunshine, Warbler.
Breed Club

Large Black Pig Breeders Club

Large Black Description

The Large Black is exceptionally docile the long lop-ears covering the eyes and very large size have helped to ensure a calm nature. The skin is soft and a mealy black/blue-black colour all over with moderate amounts of straight silky hair. The black skin is less inclined to sunburn, meaning pigs do well in warmer climates and when grazing in open fields during the summer. The breed is an amalgamation of two types of black pig from Cornwall/Devon and Suffolk/Essex

Large Black sows can be crossed with white boars such as the Large and Middle White breeds to produce a blue and white baconer.
The Large Black pig society and herd-book were established in 1899.

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