Large White - Pig

Large White boar

Large White Details

Porker, cutter, baconer, commercial crosses with Landrace or Duroc. They can be used as sires for crossed with any other native pig breed to produce an early maturing lean pig with great prolificacy.
Yorkshire and surrounding counties, Northern England.
Classed as a modern commercial pig. Prick-eared, long bodied, porker, baconer, cutter.
The old Yorkshire local breed, Cumberland and White Leicester
The most prolific sow of any native breed
At least 14 in sows. Boars for breeding should have at least 6 teats before the sheath.
Alpine, Ami, Champion Boy, Champion Turk, Danny, Field Marshall, Gul, King David, Lommo, Mcflannel, Napoleon, Polis, Potenza, Prince, Rope, Royal Turk, Saturn, Snobb, Solid Gold, Uisto, Uron, Valiant, Victory, Viking, Vision, Weiss.
Beautiful, Berry Catalina, Beryl, Blackberry, Bonetta, Champion Lady, Champion Molly, Courtney, Dainty Girl, Dainty Lady, East Lass, Fanny, Golden Knot, Greenback, Greta, Houri, Jean, Judith, Lady Mollington, Lassie, Lisa, Maid Matilda, Maple, Maple Leaf, Molly, Polla, Primrose, Queen, Queen Mary, Rima, Royal Catalina, Royal Maple, Sadie, Syksy.

Large White Description

Also known as Large white Yorkshire and as Yorkshires (collectively with Small and Middle White breeds).
The Large White is one of the most widely used and influential pig breeds in the world and often used in modern times for crossing with Landrace and Duroc breeds to meet modern demands. Currently the Large Whites are the most numerous of all British pig breeds.

They have a slightly dished face with a slightly upturned snout. The skin is white without coloured markings or wrinkles. The back is long and level and broad from neck to rump. The underline is full and as straight as possible.

Large Whites are an active and lively breed but not aggressive. Their pricked ears allowing them to see more than lop eared breeds.

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