Middle White - Pig

Middle white sow

Middle White Details

Prime pork, exhibition
Keighley, Yorkshire
Prick-eared, medium length, early maturing, porker
Large White x Now extinct Small White?
At least 12, preferably 14 sound and evenly placed teats
Alma Rose, Carnation, Dorothy, Fair Lady, Lady’s Maid, Modiste, Purity, Silk, Woodlands Lady, Yootha
Breed Club

Middle White Breeders Club


Middle White Description

The Middle white was first recognised as a distinct breed in 1882, the herd-book being founded in 1884. The Middle White, being the earliest maturing British breed, is primarily recognised as an excellent Porker.

The breed is also suitable for crossing with breeds such as the Large White to produce a baconer. The Middle White became a very popular porker during the inter war years. However, from 1933 until 1939 the Bacon Pigs Marketing scheme encouraged the improvement of native breeds towards bacon production to compete with bacon imports from Danish Landrace. One feature of this initiative was to encourage bacon pigs to be used for pork production when young. This basically pushed the Middle White, a higher quality specialist porker out of the market. The war years and years following saw little need for more costly, high quality pork so the Middle White went into decline.  The Middle White being much the same size as the Berkshire has a long and level back with a straight underline and deep sides. Ears are large, rigid and incline only slightly forward. Its short-upturned snout does not lend the Middle White to rooting as much as other breeds.

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