Tamworth - Pig

Tamworth sow standing in drinker

Tamworth Details

Cutter, baconer, the Tamworth produces a lean carcass that can be sustained on little.. Scrub and bramble clearance.
Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
Prick-eared, inclining slightly forward, long bodied, late maturing, baconer
Light ginger to golden-red
Debatable and largely unknown.
At least 12
Dream Boy, Glen, Golden Ball, Golden Ranger, Jasper, Millennium, Ranger, Royal Standard, Yorkshireman.
Golden Rose, Jacqueline, Lucky Lass, Maple, Melody, Princess, Rita, Roseleaf, Ruby.
Breed Club

Tamworth Pig Breeders Club

Tamworth Description

Also once known as the Mahogany Pig
The history of the Tamworth, like most pig breeds is clouded in mystery. There are several conflicting opinions as to the true ancestry of the Tamworth although it is likely old English pig breeds local to Staffordshire may dominate its history. The Tamworth is as far as known free from Chinese or Neopolitan influence. Furthermore Oxford Sandy and Blacks may be closely related to the Tamworth.

The Tamworth is a slow maturing, lean pig with sandy or golden-red coat and flesh coloured skin. The carcass dresses white. The ears are upright and rigid, although inclining slightly forward and the face is slightly dished. The back is long, broad and level and slightly arched above the shoulders. The Hams are well developed and deep. Sides are long but only of medium depth, the underline is straight with at least 12 teats held well forward.  The energetic, lively nature and moderately long snout of the Tamworth make it a persistent rooter of earth and rather destructive. Tamworth’s make efficient woodland foragers.  

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