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Welsh boar-Last Royal show

Welsh Details

Porker, cutter, baconer. Can be used in commercial crosses or with any traditional pig breed to yield a lean carcass.
Lop-eared, long bodied, originally a baconer, now dual-purpose
From ancient indigenous Welsh or English lop-eared pigs and later Swedish Landrace.
At least 12
Arthur, Earl, Emperor, Imperial, Ivor, James, Leo, Ted, Victor, Vulcan, Workman
Aconite, Cornflower, Daffodil, Dainty Girl, Elenora, Emma, Empress, Flora, Goldilocks, Impish, Jean, Julia, Lioness, Lucky Girl, Marigold, Model, Nina, Rose, Sally, Tessa, Theresa, Waitress, Wakeful, Willing, Winchat.
Breed Club

The Pedigree Welsh Pig Society



Welsh Description

The ancient history of welsh pigs is unknown, although early references to the breed were recorded in the early 19th century. The Welsh is a white skinned pig free from wrinkles. Small undesirable blue-black spots are sometimes seen, although they should be avoided when selecting, they are not a sign of impurity. The hair is white, straight and in plentiful supply. The ears are long, thin, drooping and incline forward over the face and almost meet at the tips. The snout is straight. The jowl and shoulders are light. The underline is straight with at least 12 teats. The light fore-end and well developed hams gives the impression of an active, streamlined pig. There is some belief that the British Lop and Welsh have been crossed in the past, they are both similar in appearance.


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