Badger Face Welsh Mountain - Sheep

Badgerface ewe

Badger Face Welsh Mountain Details

Lamb, hogget, mutton. Conservation grazing. Wool: Carpets, hand spinning.
Wales, Great Britain
Hill and Mountain. Horned and polled, long tailed.
Two colour varieties exist, the Torddu and Torwen. The Torddu is the most commonly seen. Torddu means black belly, Torwen means white belly.
Selected from White, Welsh Mountain, sheep
A naturally coloured wool with a medium to harsh feel.
1.5 - 2 kg
Staple Length
7 - 10 cm
Micron Range
33 - 35
Breed Club

The Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society

Badger Face Welsh Mountain Description

  • Torddu:- Legs black with a tan stripe, Ears are small and dark inside, a black stripe should run from under the jaw, under the body, across the belly to the end of the tail. Face colour can be white, grey or tan and should have typical black badger striping. The majority of the fleece is white. 
  •  Torwen:- The majority of the fleece is black or dark brown, legs are tan with a black stripe, the belly and underside of the tail is white. Black/dark brown face with white markings. 

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