Meatlinc - Sheep

Meat Linc

Meatlinc Details

Terminal sire
Worlaby, North Lincolnshire, England.
Down breed. Polled.
Berrichon du Cher, Charollais, Dorset Down, Ile de France, Suffolk
Breed Club

The Meatlinc Sheep Company Ltd

Meatlinc Description

The breed was developed from 1964 by Mr Henry Fell and was created to be utilised purely as a commercial terminal sire for the production of prime lamb when crossed with commercial ewes. The Meatlinc was also developed to be quick growing, heavily covered with meaty flesh,especially down the hind leg with limited fat. The Meatlinc breed is administered by a commercial company, the Meatlinc sheep Co. Ltd. Rams can be purchased from member breeders of the company.


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