Norfolk Grey Silver Bantam Ixworth Silver Appleyard Rhodebar Orpington Orpington Duck Stanbridge White Campbell Sebright West Of England Brecon Buff Indian Game Red Sussex Dorking Oxford Old English Game Aylesbury Duck Old English Game Modern Game Lincolnshire Buff Derbyshire Redcap Hamburgh Welsh Harlequin Magpie Old English Pheasant Fowl Rosecomb Marsh Daisy Abacot Ranger Carlisle Old English Game Scots Grey Scots Dumpy Shetland Ducks Shetland Geese Shetland Ducks Shetland Geese Rhodebar Hamburgh Stanbridge White Brecon Buff West Of England Campbell Modern Game Old English Game Oxford Old English Game Sebright Welsh Harlequin Magpie Silver Bantam Rosecomb Abacot Ranger Carlisle Old English Game Red Sussex Orpington Duck Orpington Dorking Indian Game Aylesbury Duck Silver Appleyard Ixworth Norfolk Grey Lincolnshire Buff Derbyshire Redcap Marsh Daisy Old English Pheasant Fowl Scots Grey Scots Dumpy